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I have always been an arts and crafts kind of person so much so that my family has designated me the family "Creative Instigator" a title I proudly wear. My husband is a semi-retired Massage Therapist who still has a portable table and chair for outcall services and from time to time offers products through this site like the dryer ball essential oil blends that we will have available soon. I have friends that also make hand made crafts that we will also offer here on our website.

Please note ~ Everything we make is a "Craft" and unless posted otherwise, we make orders as we receive them. We enjoy knowing that our customers are able to custom order our products to their liking. Consequentially, there may be slight color variations and or slight imperfections that do not take away from the quality of your item and in some cases actually makes it more unique because there are no two hand crafted items that are exactly the same!

If you have any ideas, or a craft that you would like to have an outlet for please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it.

My other hobby is Website Design and Desktop Publishing Design for print ready projects. We do hope you will find our sevices helpful :-)

We appreciate hearing from you and look forward to your ideas, comments and questions.

Thank you for visiting our site!


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