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I wanted to tell you how much my entire family loves your corn bags. I don't know how we ever survived without them! My husband and I enjoy the corn bag for the back. Heat it up and it's ready to take away whatever we did that day. We fight over who gets it first! Durring the day, our two teenagers take turns heating it up and slipping it under the covers with them to warm them up after playing in the snow. They also love the hand warmers and use them a lot when going to play out in the cold or while waiting on the bus at the bus stop. The "boo boo" bag has helped give all of us a good night sleep when our 11 month old has gas or tummy troubles. We heat it up slightly and lay him tummy down to help relieve pain and pass gas. I can not count how many times he's fell asleep on it......all cozied up. I usually use the wrist and neck pads when I am doing homework on the computer. It helps my carple tunnel and relieve stress (if homework is really tough, I use the boo boo bag on my forehead to relieve headaches). We use these corn bags for everything from cold feet to aching head and muscles. Thanks so much! We love these bags! Can't wait to see how they do in the freezer during the summer! Thanks again!


Oh my gosh I used my bag last night and it was HEAVEN, trying to figure out how to tape it to my back at work Thank You sooooo much, I am going to use my smaller one at work today and see if I can keep it on by back with my chair.

*Note from GCC.... Currently working on a solution for the office chair. Thank you Robin for your idea!


I have several different sizes of the GCC Corn packs and couldn't imagine being without them. They provide a long lasting moist heat that seems to help with my knee pain and lower back pain and these corn packs have quickly become my favorites of all the multiple heat packs I have tried in the past. I highly recommend them.

Mr. January


I am writing this letter for endorsement of Grands Cottage Craft corn pads. They are well-made and the material is very cute, durable, and easy to wash. However, the most important feature of these corn pads, whether for heat or cold, is that they work. I have never liked electric heating pads - especially after my father's quadruple bypass several years ago when the cardiac surgeon stated "no heating pads because of the electric current...messes with the heart." Over the years, I have tried multiple products only to toss them aside and try again. These corn pads are perfect and I am no longer "looking around." I use them at home and at work. Just pop 'em in the microwave and it is nearly instant, long-lasting warmth. I am so very pleased with these products. I highly recommend them for every day use. They would be perfect for medical uses including massage therapy/rehab soreness, earaches, headache, or muscle pain. I know you will be as pleased as I am.

Mrs. Neal


I have a complete set of your corn bags. I just wanted to thank you for making them available to me as you have. I have two ruptured disks (L-3, L-4 and L-5 is gone). Even with my pain meds it is difficult to get relief. These have been such a blessing! I heat them up and I can work at my computer or even drive! There just isn’t anything else like these. I can use heat patches, but they irritate my skin.

Thanks again!

Mr. Baker


We appreciate any feed back and ideas!

Thank you !


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