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Natural Microwavable Heating pads/ice pack slip covers

Our slip covers are made of 100% cotton, Flannel,or Quilted Cotton with a polyester batting. We pre-wash the material and make the slip covers in an envelope style so you don't have to worry with Velcro or zippers.

Specialty fabrics by request:

If you see a fabric in Walmart, Hancock's,JoAnne's or your favorite fabric store (Our favorite fabric store), chances are we can obtain it with the item number and description. If we don't have too much trouble getting it, we will not charge an extra fee. If we find that we need to charge an extra fee you will be notified before we continue with your order.

To order new bags, Click Here

Quilted and Fleece covers (NOT recommended for use in the microwave) are available for an extra fee and must be ordered separately at the time of order.

For wholesale or bulk orders, please contact us.



Slip covers are mixed variety unless a specific theme is requested.

If we have not mentioned your theme of choice or if you have a specific color preference, let us know in the "comment" section of your order and we will contact you to be sure we understand clearly what you would prefer.

Slip Covers

Images below are for sample only, if you do not designate a theme, your covers may be different than the one shown.

To select multiple themes and/or fabrics hold down your shift key while making your selection. Thank you.

We are currently redoing our shopping cart, please check back often.


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